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Jimmy Jane

Intro 2 - Jimmy Jane

Intro 2 - Jimmy Jane

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New to luxury toy company Jimmyjane's lineup, Intro is a collection of high quality, battery operated toys at an unbeatable price point. As the name might suggest, these toys are a great introduction to vibrators, in a variety of styles designed for versatility and variety of sensation.

The Intro 2 is a palm-sized vibrator that is perfect for stimulation of the clitoris and other external erogenous zones. A firm ABS core is coated in medical grade silicone, making the toy body safe, non-porous, and very easy to wash. The grip of the silicone makes the petite vibe easy to hold onto, and gives it some drag against the skin during use. For those looking for minimal friction, with a few drops of water-based lubricant the smooth silicone of the Intro 2 will glide over the skin.

The Intro 2 fits comfortably in the hand not unlike a computer mouse, with the ears at your fingertips for easy manipulation. The uncommon shape of the Intro 2, which is directly inspired by Jimmyjane's Form 2 rechargeable vibrator, lends it well to a variety of stimulation possibilities. Turning the toy on its side and pressing the ears together creates an oscillating vibration as the two motors work in opposition to one another, while angling the toy perpendicular to the body allows the tips of the ears to be used for more focused, pin-point stimulation. The two ears can also be used to surround sensitive erogenous zones, with their flexibility allowing for pinching, squeezing, and tugging.

Three modes of vibration intensity and three pulsation patterns are controlled by means of a single button on the base of the toy. Holding the button for two seconds will shut off the toy immediately.


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