Female Sexual Fluidity | French Postcard

Female Sexual Fluidity | French Postcard

by Colette Hamon

The first time I heard about sexual fluidity was while reading an article about Skirt Club – which was founded in the UK and hosted sex parties for women who identify as straight or bi curious. They quickly expanded internationally and are still going strong today. They have also tracked that the top pornography watched by women is lesbian pornography or girl on girl. When interviewed the women shared that they appreciated seeing that it was about women being pleased sexually and to completion. 

We have also been witness to some very well known women leaving their husbands to be with female partners and to later marry them. Two of the most notable of these being Glennon Doyle Melton when she took to social media to share that she was separating from her husband Craig. Her best selling book Love Warrior was about to be released and her publishers advised her against this, but she wanted to be authentic. Shortly after the separation announcement she returned to social media to share that she was in a romantic relationship with Abby Wambach a former professional soccer player. They would later marry – and are still married to this day.

For all of us Eat, Pray, Love fans Liz Gilbert took to Facebook to announce her separation from her new found love and husband Felipe. She would later announce that she was in love with her best friend Rayya whom was dying of cancer. Liz and Rayya later married, until Rayya passed away. Liz was back on social media once again – telling us about her new photographer boyfriend. 

For pride month we wanted to do something different at BraTopia and French Postcard and so I reached out to an amazing friend of mine – Rena Martine. Rena is an alumni of the coaching institute that I’m attending. She used to be a lawyer in the LA Prosecutors office in the sex crimes unit – and left her legal career to pursue sex education and sex coaching. We invited to come in today to present on the topic of sexual fluidity in women.

I am absolutely passionate about people living lives that are authentic and true to them. One of my personal values is to live life on my own terms. For several years “What would other people think?” had the keys to my soul. I took back those keys – and make sure that my choices are in check with my values and goals – and they are nobody else’s business. .

One of the things that we work hard to combat against is people feeling body shame, or sexual shame.  We have tried to create an environment that is body and sexual wellness positive through our two brands. I am continuously surprised at how many women shut down their sexuality – but this is also in large part because of societal or religious expectation. 

Hearing people’s experiences with regards to living in touchless relationships – or in loneliness breaks my heart. We are intrinsically wired for connection, and if that connection is with another woman – how does one explore that? 

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