About Us

Ménage à moi.

If you were to peek at a French postcard, aka. olden-day nudes, you’ll find something you cannot find today — women who aren’t self-conscious. Back then there was no one telling us what sexy was or wasn’t. So why is it that today a sexually empowered woman is the scariest thing we can be? It’s high time we, like those sepia-toned ladies from the olden days, were the authors of our own eroticism. French Postcard is our chance to pen our own answer to the question of what turns us on? It’s a beautiful question — one that is well worth pondering, especially with a vibrator in hand. So, let’s go forth, let’s enjoy the hell out of the gorgeous bodies we’re in, and if we happen to destroy the sheets and panic the neighbors, pas de soucis. Because any time a woman is even a fraction more powerful, more herself, or more connected to the sexual thing she is, we can all agree the world gets a little more magnifique.