Intimate Insights with Colette Hamon, our CEO

Intimate Insights with Colette Hamon, our CEO

I remember watching a documentary about super models quite a few years ago, and one of the models commented that she felt fat and self conscious her entire life – and when she looked back at her younger photos she now wonders why she wasn’t walking around naked (because she looked so amazing compared to how she felt she aged).  

I had a similar revelation recently while looking for an old photo album (yes I’m that old).  I clearly remember a point around 13 years old where I went from no body image issues to thinking I was fat.   I remember getting this featured photo back from a photography session at a studio – and my first thought was “UGH!  I look fat.”  

I do a lot of deep inner work and we have to go back and love the younger versions of ourselves.  We also must forgive ourselves for having these feelings – as we clearly aren’t alone.  I often imagine what the World would be like if women loved themselves and everything about their bodies.    In the words of Louie Armstrong “What a Wonderful World.”  

Love you all,

Colette Hamon

Founder and CEO of BraTopia and French Postcard

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