Introducing a New Brand... | French Postcard

Introducing a New Brand... | French Postcard



Colette & Sebastian's brand owner and all-around Girl Boss Colette broke out onto the New York fashion scene with her premier luxury lingerie collections.




Colette is the daughter of two hard-working immigrant parents from Iran, she has always had business management in her blood. Although she was born and raised in a conservative Middle Eastern community, she decided to push the limits to create her intimate apparel brand and start her own business. Colette has built a new foundation for a design that is eclectic and awe-inspiring. The brand appeals to the modern-day marvel of women, both feminine and empowering.



Colette & Sebastian's each collection speaks to a woman's innate desires - "to be bold, alluring, beautiful, inspiring, and powerful: the ultimate muse." Being able to use Colette's vision to give other women confidence and happiness is the true reward of her success story.

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