Which Sex Toy Should We Try? | French Postcard

Which Sex Toy Should We Try? | French Postcard

One of the things that is very trending now is that women masturbate even after 'Good Sex', but why? It doesn't mean that they were not satisfied; it just gives different types of pleasure. That trend has been also encouraged nowadays because it helps in relaxation - It eventually promotes physical and mental wellness. But is masturbation only good after sex? That's not true, it is also amazing when you don't even think about sex at all.

Then how should we give ourselves a real pleasure? Of course we can simply do it by our hands, but the reason why we use Sex Toys is that Sex Toys give much stronger orgasms without causing any harm, such as itching, burning, rashes, and tissue damage. However, we don't know much about Sex Toys; there are many different types with different levels of stimulation, but What Sex Toy Should We Try?




Vibrators (vibes) are one of the best sex toy products that are recommended for beginners. They are usually more affordable than other types of toys, so it is a very good option before you fully become a sex toy addict. For those first time users, we recommend Pillow Talk's Flirty Mini Massager since it has enough strength even with that compact size.
There are several different types of sex toys under vibrators category:
  • Wands generate broad pressure, so they are great for those who prefer to use whole hands or multiple fingers. We recommend Pillow Talk's Cheeky Wand, offering very powerful stimulation with a large silicone head and flexible neck made from the body-safe material.
  • Bullets are more focused on generating pin-point stimulation, for those who tend to only use one or two fingers. They are usually with a smaller motor than Wands, but bullets are more compact in size and affordable as well. We recommend We-Vibe's Tango X Vibrator, which is one of our best sellers for more than 10 years. Tango is compact enough to be carried, but offers 7 different modes to provide the maximum pleasure.



Clitoris Stimulators

Clitoris Stimulators are usually called Clit Suction Toys, and they are specially designed to imitate oral sex. Surprisingly, more than 70% of females believe that they need more than actual penetration to maximize orgasm, and this clitoris stimulator is an amazing option for it. We recommend LELO's Sila Sonic Clitoral Massager, offering a gentle clitoris stimulation without making direct contact.




Dildos are especially designed for insertion vaginally, anally, and orally. They can be used for masturbation, pegging, or used with a strap on with two women. Although dildos can give strong orgasm, there is one thing that Dildos can't do: vibrate.



Anal Toys

Anal toys are great for those who already got used to some different types of sex toys and now want to move on to the things a little further. They can be used for both solo and couples, adding an additional dimension of stimulation.



Rampant Rabbits

Rampant Rabbits are a vibrating dildo in a bunny-eared shape. They generate deep penetration and the clitoral stimulation at the same time. Rampant Rabbits have been one of the best sex toy products, and we recommend We-Vibe's Nova 2 Rabbit Massager. It's also called a G spot vibrator with a clitoris stimulator for dual stimulation.




Bondage toys are designed for game with partners, which include ticklers, blindfolds, and handcuffs. They promote an enjoyable and safe way for the dazzling bondage play experience. We recommend Calexotics' Playful Furry Cuffs, made with soft and comfortable faux fur.



Now It's Time To Play!

We truly hope you have a little more sense of different types of sex toys now, and less scared to try something new. Don't rush yourself to be an expert immediately! - Try to find a toy that fits your sexual appetite.



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